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Ideas, research and success stories summarised for busy leaders and decision-makers.

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One- page summaries which ask the hard questions and get to the heart of the matter.


We are leadership enthusiasts who are fascinated by high-performers, their attitudes, their stories and their strategies.

We strive to be well-informed and thrive on sharing what we know. What sets us apart is our unique approach. We generate insights and guidance which we simplify and summarise. We’re endlessly curious about what works.

ThreeWhats is built around asking the hard questions. Those which beg answers. The ones which hang around.

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Cut through the noise with our essential insights from the books we’ve read.


Practical guidance simplified, summarised and shared. This is what we do and this is where you start.

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We’ve accumulated a lot of leadership knowledge and experience over the years. We’ve had the privilege of working with some genuine high-performers. We want to continue on our journeys by remaining curious, outward facing and self-aware. Curating our experience allows us to share where we and others have been and where we plan to go.

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Alistair Smith

Alistair is an award-winning author, a skilled and experienced presenter and developer. He has delivered over 1,800 presentations across five continents. He has worked as a learning consultant for the Football Association for over 20 years and now does a similar job for UEFA. He is passionate about innovation, fresh ideas and making a difference. Alistair loves running around, clear blue skies and snow on the hill tops.

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James Heale

James is a leadership expert, highly experienced Executive Leadership Coach and facilitator with over ten years of experience working with senior executives and C-suite clients across a range of corporate and public sector organisations. He is a skilled facilitator, TEDx speaker and regular contributor to national conferences. James believes in the power of collaboration and building fluid networks. James loves escaping in his VW Campervan and walking on deserted beaches.


You want the best for yourself, your team or your organisation.
You share our curiosity about high-performance, leadership thinking and big ideas. You are already self-aware. You are committed to learning and are enthused by developing yourself and others. No doubt, you too, are on a journey. Perhaps the route or destination has yet to be planned but you’re excited to find out where it may lead.

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Our Crew are our collaborators and contributors, each on their own leadership and learning journeys. They bring a fresh perspective to everything we do. They challenge, prompt and provoke our thinking. Our Crew offer diversity, insight and brilliance. We celebrate them through our work.

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You can start your ThreeWhats journey today. In addition to our free resources, here’s how we can help:


Consultancy work with and for you, your team or your organisations provides support and challenge using our own ThreeWhats model, approach and resources. Use our contact form and drop us a line to talk through your journey and how we can help you.


Powerful coaching can unlock potential and take a variety of forms. Our best work is done with individuals and teams. Using our ThreeWhats approach gives you the benefit of working alongside a skilled coach to practise in your own chosen environment. Use our contact form and drop us a line to talk through where you’d like your journey to take you.

Presenting & Facilitating

We are very experienced presenters and facilitators. Whether it’s live or online, large groups or small, we have the track record and skills to work with you or for you. Use our contact form and drop us a line to talk through how we can help.


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